In 1971, Moss Snowstick was born of a very simple desire – to surf on snow. From the first prototype created by our founder Shinzo Tanuma, the legendary Japanese surfer and shaper, we have devoted almost five decades of board designing and testing in the single-minded pursuit of the goal.

We create our boards to make beautiful turns, replicating surfing in any condition you find yourself in that the mountains present. At some point, snowsurfing earned a reputation for being something that can only happen in back country powder snow. The truth is, it can be done anywhere you find snow and a slope; both on and off-piste, regardless of the conditions. Moss Snowstick are all snow and all terrain snowsurf boards that are designed to change the rider’s perspective of the mountain, transforming snow-covered terrain into three dimensional snowsurf playgrounds.

Our current lineup is the result of unchanged playful minds and the many lessons learned from over 40 years.

We are for the free of mind. We are snowsurfers.